Skylar’s baseball senior session

Skylar’s baseball senior session was a homerun! We first met up at a local farm which made the perfect backdrop for his boots, jeans and pickup truck. I love the rich colors of the barn, and the warm sun was definitely working in our favor that day. Oh how I love a sun-drenched session. Not so much the heat that comes with it in the summer, but the golden glow.

Skylar is a 2017 senior at Southwest Christian School. He lives and breathes baseball and he is his happiest on the field. So we knew that we had to make getting on the baseball field happen. I love incorporating meaningful hobbies/items into senior sessions. Making a session personal is what makes them more fun and a chance for us to get creative from the run-of-the-mill senior poses. I could instantly tell he was at home on the field.

Summer’s sister came along and we definitely captured a couple of her beautiful smile and with mom too. Those are always the photos that melt my mama heart.

Skylar’s friends would describe him athletic, strong and fun and dreams of becoming a dentist after college. I have no doubt that success is in his future.



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