Elizabeth’s senior session

Elizabeth’s senior session was a really fun one. Her mom came along and it honestly felt more like just hanging out than working. She had just returned from mission trip around the time of our session and to hear about her passion of helping others just absolutely won me over. Elizabeth is a senior at Aledo High School and her senior year is flying by!

One of Elizabeth’s favorite parts of high school is that she just loves the people. She loves the endless amounts of laughter and the endless opportunities to show others the love of Christ. She loves walking down the hallways and getting a hive five from a friend and sitting in class learning something new. Elizabeth says she’s the odd ball when she says that she loves school.

“I honestly enjoy studying and learning and receiving new knowledge. I’m grateful that I have that kind of luxury. I love the people and relationships that high school gave me. I can’t even begin to explain the joy that my teachers and my friends have given me the past four years. I love the atmosphere of high school. I believe there is so much more to life than these few short years, but I believe it can be some of the best years too,” Elizabeth shared.

Elizabeth is an athletic trainer, on National Honor Society and is very involved church youth group.

She is really passionate about loving people. “I want to be a genuine friend and I want to show others the love that Christ has shown me. I want to see people laugh and I want to make people happy. I am passionate about making others feel valued and full of purpose.” I mean how can you not be crazy about a girl with such a big heart?

Her dream job is to work as a nurse with children in a hospital. Some say that is really depressing to work with sick kids, but she just has such a heart for helping other people. She adore kids and wants like 20 of them (she’s totally exaggerating), but she wants a job that allows her to be silly and allows her to love and care for other people.

Elizabeth is going to attend Baylor University this fall. She wants to study nursing and wants to spend the rest of my life caring for others. “I believe God has called me to a field of study that allows me to merge my love for Him and my love for helping others.”

So it makes complete and perfect sense that she was voted “Most likely to Brighten your Day” by her fellow classmates. We need more Elizabeths in the world.

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