Grace’s Fort Worth Botanical Gardens senior session

I was in my photographer happy place at Grace’s Fort Worth Botanical Gardens senior session. I mean, just look at her beauty!? From her smile, to her fabulous hair and clothes it just seemed unfair how easy my job was. Grace and her sweet mom came along for the session. My part was seriously effortless.

At one point, as we’re in the middle of Grace’s senior session, and she’s rocking the Beyonce wind in her hair like a supermodel. We were near a road at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and I hear someone stop their car, roll down their window and shout to Grace, “YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!” She literally stopped traffic! I think we all need more of those compliments in the world.

Grace is originally from the Congo, lived in France and has lived here in the states for many years and is now a senior. She wanted to incorporate her culture and had a beautiful custom skirt made which I find so fabulous. Anytime we can incorporate something that is meaningful and shows part of a senior’s heritage, I’m all about it.

I absolutely love the images of Grace and her mom. The photos of her mom closing her eyes, oh my goodness, that was all her mom’s genuine expression being in the embrace of her sweet Grace. What a precious image for Grace and her mom to treasure for many years.



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