Nina’s downtown Fort Worth senior session

This beautiful senior is one that I’ve know since she was in 3rd grade so it was hard for me to handle that she’s all grown up and about to graduate! I taught with her sweet mama many years ago and her mom was my mentor teacher. Thank goodness for her getting me through my first year of teaching! Hard to imagine that this is the same little girl who would come and hang out in our classrooms after school. I was looking forward to Nina’s downtown Fort Worth senior session so much! I was fortunate enough to capture her older sister’s photos a couple of years ago too.

Nina is a senior at Paschal High School and what she loves most about high school is hanging out with her friends and meeting new people everyday. Her friends would describe her as humorous, musical,  and unique. She is involved in Key Club, Sister Cities, Choir and she works at a music studio. Nina is most looking forward to graduating and going off to Texas State University this fall. She would love to study International Relations.

Nina’s dream job would involve lots of traveling as she loves to meet people who are different than her. It has been such a delight to see how Nina has grown into the beautiful, successful and kind hearted girl, but with the parents she has, it was only natural for her to be nothing short of amazing.

I can’t wait to see what wonderful things are in store for Nina!


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