Samantha’s downtown senior session

Samantha is a 2017 senior at Trinity Valley School and Samantha’s downtown senior session was a perfect fit for her personality and passion. Samantha is an actress and performs in all of the Upper School shows and also works tech for the middle school shows. So when we saw the theatre in the background, I knew that we had to capture the big lights behind her.

Also, as soon as she walked up to me looking adorable as ever, I thought she looked like Rosie the Riveter. So we tested her drama skills and played around for a photo and it turned out to be one of our favorites from the session. Samantha would love to become an actor anywhere in the US or England and would really enjoy directing at some point in her life as well.

Samantha is a self-described book worm, maternal, and a dreamer who is also very passionate about feminism  and ending any form of oppression around the world. In other words, she has a huge heart!

Samantha is most looking forward to the classes she’s taking her senior year because she’s passionate about all of them and she loves being able to hang out with her friends everyday and being able to help each other during the school year. Her favorite high school memory was being able to perform in a very small cast play with all of her best friends and being able to work on her acting and improve as a performer. Her dream job would be able to wake up each morning be excited for rehearsal that day,  and to be able to work with people who love the theatre as much as she does.

One thing Samantha can’t live without is her Q&A book everyday. It’s a journal that has a different question everyday of the year and she answers them all for five years to see how her answers change over time. I absolutely love that about her.

I know big things are in store for Samantha and I can’t wait to say, “I knew her when…”

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