Silhouette mini sessions

It’s no secret that I’m slightly obsessed with sunsets. In fact, my kids will stop playing outside, come running inside and scream, “Mom, you’ve got the see the sunset right now in the backyard!” Bahahaha! It’s like they know my love language is sunsets! So silhouette mini sessions were a no brainer for me. I love sunrises too but let’s be real, I love my sleep so I don’t see those as much. 😉

You could even say sunset is my favorite color. There are few things that help me feel the presence of God more than a gorgeous sunrise or sunset.

Some days when I don’t have my big camera and there’s an amazing sunset, I even get bummed. My husband is teaching me to enjoy it without capturing it, but for a photographer you want to capture it forever! #photographerproblems

For the first time ever, I offered sunset mini sessions in the fall. If you haven’t noticed, 5 minutes can make a world of difference when it comes to the sky changing. In that short amount of time, it can go from blue to pink and orange. I only do three session at the very max on silhouette session mini day. I start sessions only 20 minutes before sunset and they are QUICK! They are some of my very favorite sessions because there’s no need for makeup or even stressing about coordinating clothes because no one can even see any of that! Since there’s no outfit fussing and are super quick, dads and kids are huge fans of these sessions.

One of my favorite parts of the silhouette mini sessions is capturing what is meangingful for that particular family. It’s so personal for each family whether it be Disney, baseball, playing, a birthday milestone or even just holding hands. I love how each one tells a family story and each one is unique.

I even found a way to incorporate the moon for a silhouette photo for Halloween this year with my kids Trick-or-treating. It’s one of my very favorites of my own kiddos.

A good sunset will never get boring to me.

silhouette mini sessionssilhouette mini sessionssilhouette mini sessions

silhouette mini sessions

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