Samantha is a 2017 senior at Trinity Valley School and Samantha’s downtown senior session was a perfect fit for her personality and passion. Samantha is an actress and performs in all of the Upper School shows and also works tech for the middle school shows. So when we saw the theatre in the background, I knew that we had to capture the big lights behind her.

Also, as soon as she walked up to me looking adorable as ever, I thought she looked like Rosie the Riveter. So we tested her drama skills and played around for a photo and it turned out to be one of our favorites from the session. Samantha would love to become an actor anywhere in the US or England and would really enjoy directing at some point in her life as well.

Samantha is a self-described book worm, maternal, and a dreamer who is also very passionate about feminism  and ending any form of oppression around the world. In other words, she has a huge heart!

Samantha is most looking forward to the classes she’s taking her senior year because she’s passionate about all of them and she loves being able to hang out with her friends everyday and being able to help each other during the school year. Her favorite high school memory was being able to perform in a very small cast play with all of her best friends and being able to work on her acting and improve as a performer. Her dream job would be able to wake up each morning be excited for rehearsal that day,  and to be able to work with people who love the theatre as much as she does.

One thing Samantha can’t live without is her Q&A book everyday. It’s a journal that has a different question everyday of the year and she answers them all for five years to see how her answers change over time. I absolutely love that about her.

I know big things are in store for Samantha and I can’t wait to say, “I knew her when…”

Love is in the air! I had the pleasure of photographing my third annual Valentine mini sessions this year. These are always so fun, quick and easy peasy! My favorite part is not worrying about the weather for mini sessions for once! I had a great mixture of all ages and both boys and girls.

One of these love bugs even has a Valentine’s birthday so it was the perfect fit for her!

So I had a realization this year that this is my oldest son’s last year in elementary and he was still a great sport letting me make him some photo Valentine cards. I’m in a place of being sad that there were be no more Valentine cards to make for him and celebrating that there will be no more elaborate Valentine boxes to make. In fact, we just reused his Valentine box from last year. You may call it laziness but I call it recycling. 😉 Motherhood is so bittersweet sometimes.

I know that I had some of the sweetest little clients come visit me. Their smiles and warm hearts tell me that they’re full of love and being loved. What a blessing it is to capture it.

Valentine mini sessionsValentine mini sessions

Valentine mini sessions

Valentine mini sessions

Valentine mini sessionsValentine mini sessions

Skylar’s baseball senior session was a homerun! We first met up at a local farm which made the perfect backdrop for his boots, jeans and pickup truck. I love the rich colors of the barn, and the warm sun was definitely working in our favor that day. Oh how I love a sun-drenched session. Not so much the heat that comes with it in the summer, but the golden glow.

Skylar is a 2017 senior at Southwest Christian School. He lives and breathes baseball and he is his happiest on the field. So we knew that we had to make getting on the baseball field happen. I love incorporating meaningful hobbies/items into senior sessions. Making a session personal is what makes them more fun and a chance for us to get creative from the run-of-the-mill senior poses. I could instantly tell he was at home on the field.

Summer’s sister came along and we definitely captured a couple of her beautiful smile and with mom too. Those are always the photos that melt my mama heart.

Skylar’s friends would describe him athletic, strong and fun and dreams of becoming a dentist after college. I have no doubt that success is in his future.



This is one of my most memorable senior sessions ever and I do a lot of seniors. I captured her sister’s senior session last year.  Brittany is an incredibly talented dancer as is her sister. I knew after seeing her sister’s talent in dance, that Brittany’s dance senior session would be no less than amazing. I love establishing these relationships with my senior families and consider it a huge honor when they come back for a younger sibling to do their senior session.

Brittany is a 2017 All Saints Episcopal School senior. What Brittany loves most about high school are her friends, both old and new. She loves seeing them everyday and they make high school enjoyable and have helped her get through so much over the years. Her friends would describe her as quirky, fun and artsy. She is most looking forward to being the oldest grade on campus. It’s pretty exciting having the rest of the school look up to your grade.

Dance is her passion. She has been dancing since she was three years old and has loved it ever since. She does ballet, jazz, pointe and contemporary. Brittany dances every day, except Sunday, and for an average of four hours each night. She hopes to continue dancing in college and her dream job would to be a professional dance , or instructor.

To say that I enjoyed every minute of this session would be an understatement. Brittany’s talent left me with my mouth open so many times. It is so evident to anyone watching her dance that she is passionate and dedicated. I felt like I had front row seats to a performance. I only wish we had music with us to accompany her, but even without music, there was no shortage of beauty to see her dance. I could watch her dance all day. Brittany was able to do incredible jumps and movements like it was just skipping down the street and I’m pretty sure I pulled a hamstring trying to get at an angle to capture the height of her dance movements.

Thank you Brittany for the incredible performance you gave me. I know God has wonderful things in store for you with dance. You have been so blessed with the art of dance.

Fort worth senior photographer

Fort worth senior photographerFort worth senior photographer

Fort worth senior photographer

Will was a senior rep for Rooted in Love Photography this year. He is a 2017 senior at Aledo High School and I adore him and his family. We did Will’s senior rep session this spring back when there were bluebonnets out still and so it was fun getting some of those in his senior photos. This summer we did his full session and went to his girlfriend’s family’s land who happens to have a beautiful picturesque barn. It was a perfect location to do Will’s barn senior session.

It had been many years since a family session had been done and you know I feel about that. I look for any opportunity especially with my seniors to get some family photos while everyone is still under one roof.

Will is a varsity football player for Aledo and if you’re not from around here, let me tell you, Aledo football is a BIG deal. It’s Friday Night Lights in Aledo. Everyone is at the game on Friday nights. His favorite high school memory so far has been winning the state football championship THREE years in a row. Aledo just won state AGAIN! What a perfect way to end his high school career.

Will is not only part of varsity football, he also is involved in Young Life, attends Christ Chapel Bible Church, National Honor Society, works at Camp Shady in the summer and is a volunteer for Camp Runamuck. He is very passionate about football, family, school, God, hunting and fishing.

I have some exciting news to share about Will. He just signed TODAY and will be attending the Air Force Academy with a football scholarship for fall 2017! What an incredible achievement and I know his parents are so incredibly proud of him. Will is looking into possibly majoring in law or engineering.

Will, you are so incredibly kind, talented, and a true gentleman. I feel honored that you were a rep for Rooted in Love your senior year and wish nothing but wonderful things for you. You are so deserving of the good things God has in store for you.